AIaaS: Enabling Artificial Intelligence in your digital workforce

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Artificial Intelligence as a Service

How does it work?

We have successfully trained different models so you can read graphic documents such as ID Cards, Passports, Invoices...
You can easily integrate our product within your existing applications.

How to use this service?

This functionality is wrapped within a cognitive API so you can use it wherever, whenever and as often as you may need it.

Who is behind this game changer?

MCCM Innovations - Lead by Alvaro Arcos, PhD in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence.

How does it work?

- Pay for only what you use!
- Highly auto scalable in the cloud.

Curious to know how we have done it?

We'll be publishing different articles on our blog. Check it out!

Meet our team

Pablo Cala

RPA Architect

Daniel Moreno

RPA Architect

Álvaro Arcos

Head of AI

Alberto Espina

RPA/AI Developer

Manuel Rodriguez

RPA/AI Developer

Javier Advani

RPA/AI Developer

Jesús Rodríguez

RPA/AI Developer

Luis Díaz

RPA/AI Developer

Miguel Campos

RPA/AI Developer

Carmen Machuca

Legal Counsel and Contract Manager
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